The perplexing world of publishing

Yesterday was unbelievable. Two reviews came out for Walking with Elephants (WWE). Two amazing reviews. One a 4.5 stars at Indie Bookspot and a 5 star review at Goodreads  But here’s the thing–after my publisher closed no other publisher wanted to pick it up. It was read and reread by a few editors at NYC houses and turned down. So I don’t get it–why the big disconnect? How can this book garner such glowing reviews and yet remain in the slush pile? And also why are sales so meager? I have been trying everything to get the word out on this book. The Kindle price is only $2.99. So I appeal to the readers of this blog–try it you’ll like it, if not love it, like so many of the reviewers.

So now I am polishing my second novel Sunspots. I think it’s better than WWE so I once again, against my previous decision not to do it, sent out queries to major houses. The response was ZERO. So here I go again telling myself it is not about trying to get a large readership. It’s about the writing, the thrill and joy of writing. The ability to complete the project. Trying not to feel like a failure because the writing is the validation. Because out there crap becomes best sellers along with great work. The public cannot be wrangled. The public will do what it will. All I can do is write and put it out there. What happens after is a random whimsical thing, of which I have no control. Sure I can get reviews, sure I can advertise. But it matters not so much what I do but if somehow my work touches, ignites a spark, has that unexplainable something that matches the story and writing with what the public wants at that moment. There is no formula for that. It is a most happy accident. And so I hope for happy accidents and try to motivate myself to continue writing the third novel that I started a few months ago and enjoy the process, enjoy the satisfaction of completion.

And enjoy my great life.


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