War on women, stupid Rick Perry, using twitter, Kindle News Daily

So WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE GOP????? Why are women’s personal child-bearing management choices a forum for political discussion? And just because a contraceptive is offered and covered by insurance does not mean a woman is FORCED to use it. So let’s expand on this and ban Trojans from being sold because what if a person who works at the drugstore is offended by selling something that clearly is just for sex and for not making babies. And now Gov. Perry has stopped funding for planned parenthood in Texas. Ok, so I’m not so much for abortion as much as I am for choice. But who goes to Planned Parenthood for an abortion? A middle-class white teeny bopper? Or a struggling Latino or any woman on the margins with three kids and two jobs? Okay, so you do the math, Stupid Rick–check your welfare rolls in a few years. You are creating the society that you hate by not giving over-burdened women a choice.

So now I have found several new friends on twitter who are showing me the ropes about pushing my book, Walking with Elephants. I never knew there was this mag called Kindle News Daily where I can advertise my book and reach a lot of readers. So I’ve jumped in and bought some advertising to start April 13. Wish me luck. Also it’s been a nail biting wait to see reviews after my library thing giveaway. C’mon already. The deal was I give you a free book and you give me a review. I kept up my end now please keep yours. Pretty please.


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