Dylan in Pensacola

The Hub is a die-hard Dylan fan, so over the years, I’ve become one as well. Had to, no choice. CDs on long drives were only Dylan or bands that played with Dylan. Dylan can be an acquired taste or an immediate turn on. For the Hub it was immediate as a teenager. But I have to tell ya, this show in Pensacola was amazing. I saw a Dylan like I’ve never seen. He was a showman, engaging the audience. Played the harp on practically every song, and for those of you who know his harp well, it was magical. He played the guitar, jammed on the keyboard, and crooned by the microphone.

The only negative about the whole evening was a total jerk, a wrinkled skin and bones long-haired hippy moron who decided that he was more important then Dylan. He stood up and kept spreading his arms for maximum blockage of the stage for all who sat behind him. He raised his arms and waved them to the music in effeminate gestures as if  he were the main attraction hoping Dylan would notice HIM. I wanted to grab this moron and throw him against the wall, as did many others.

The only other blight on the weekend was the weather. We have been praying for rain in Florida because it has been so dry, but why did it have to be rainy awful weather the two days that we drove to what is known as the Emerald Coast or what my son calls the Redneck Riviera, LOL. Oh well, you can’t have great Dylan and great weather. That would be an embarrasment of riches.

Anyway, thinking I can base a character in my next novel on that idiot in the audience.

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